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Which Option Is Best for Boosting Working Capital?


Learn to think smart. There are several potential financing options available to cash-strapped businesses that need a healthy dose of working capital. A bank loan or line of credit is often the first option that owners think of - and for businesses that qualify, this may be the best option. In today's uncertain business, economic and regulatory environment, qualifying for a bank loan can be difficult - especially for start-up companies and those that have experienced any type of financial difficulty. Sometimes, owners of businesses that don't qualify for a bank loan decide that seeking venture capital or bringing [...]

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Purchase Order Financing Tips and Secrets for Canadian Firms Seeking Trade Finance


Your worst business nightmare just occurred. You got the order/contract! Now what?! Purchase order financing is a great tool for firms that have unusual purchase order and contract sales financing needs but are potentially unable to access traditional financing via banks or their own capital resources within their firm. How does trade finance P O financing work, does your firm qualify, what are the costs, and how does it work? Great questions, now let's explore some answers! Typically Canadian firms looking for this type of financing are distributors, manufacturers, or perhaps wholesalers. A variety of industries in Canada have access [...]

Purchase Order Financing Tips and Secrets for Canadian Firms Seeking Trade Finance2020-09-21T08:50:29+00:00

Accessing Proper Cash Flow & Commercial Financing


Cash Flow & Commercial Financing Business capital requirements often boil down to some basic truths the business owner/financial mgr/entrepreneur needs to address when it comes to financing for businesses. One of those truths? Knowing the true state of their financial condition and what financing they do and don't qualify for when it comes to meeting commercial lending requirements. Whether you are smaller or start-up firm looking for information on how to get a business loan or a larger established firm looking for growth financing or acquisition opportunities we're highlighting 3 mistakes that commercial loan seekers like your company need to [...]

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